Change Your Brain, Change Your Game

10 Jul

Dr. Mark A. Heltemes DC


“I think therefore I am,” Rene Descartes (1596-1650).

“I don’t know, so maybe I’m not,” unknown (more recent).

“Change your brain, change your game,” Dr. Mark Heltemes (2013).


Perhaps there is a simple solution to your chronic pain, sickness and fatigue.

Healing a dysregulated brain.

According to brain based wellness, a balanced nervous system should give you high energy levels, few symptoms, resistance to infection, positive mental attitude, mental alertness and you should be in excellent health. Good, balanced brain waves are the ability to shift from one brain state to another. Without this, the real problem is the brain’s impaired ability to regulate itself. When the nervous system becomes overwhelmed because of a constant state of stressors it has trouble regulating its normal function. Because of the sympathetic overstimulation, it becomes burned out.

Jean Charles Genet, Director of the National Center for Integrative Medicine and The National Center for Chronic fatigue says, “The weakness or inability to reach and maintain certain frequencies related directly to the specific symptom or ailment experienced.”

The nervous system when out of balance can result in four different states:

Under- arousal , disorders like depression and ADHD.

Over-Arousal , anxiety disorders including panic attacks and PTSD.

Instability , bipolar disorder, seizures and migraines.

Exhausted , autoimmune system disorders, cancer, diabetes, chronic fatigue.

Chiropractic adjustments directly affect the nervous system by rebooting it, an instantaneous shutdown and restart, a pattern interrupt, the only non invasive procedure to do this. Dysregulated brain frequencies are interrupted and the system is allowed to correct itself in that moment. That is why after an adjustment a patient can feel an immediate sense of relief throughout their whole body. Using this as a tool for regulating a dysregulated system has been extremely helpful in creating a functioning internal environment that fights dis-ease. The Chiropractic adjustment communicates through the central nervous system to the cortical regions of the brain (thought processes and storage) with direct line influences on autonomic functions. When the system has been overwhelmed with incoming stimuli, the regulation becomes taxed and can no longer adapt. This is called Sympathetic Survival Syndrome. I dysregulated system will eventually lead to disease.

In my clinic, I employ a treatment protocol that reorganizes brain and nervous system function. It includes spinal adjustments to the nervous system to reset/reboot the system, health awareness (good habits; bad habits), nutritional and physical reconditioning education, biofeedback, neurofeedback and entrainment.

Biofeedback aids the patient in managing proper muscle tone, heart rate, breathing, temperature and perspiration modulation. These are under autonomic control through the limbic system and if impaired will systematically cause death.

Neurofeedback leads to improved brain self regulation. It allows for information to be received by the brain and then rewarding it for changing its own activity to more appropriate patterns. A person can train themselves to regulate their brain frequencies.

Brain Entrainment is the synchronization of the brain to an external frequency by auditory and ocular input. Auditory healing creates favorable frequencies by way of the auditory canal that directly influence the brain and the body through its neurological input and by interaction of the Vagus nerve to the autonomic  systems of the body i.e. heart, respiration, digestion. Ocular healing creates favorable frequencies by way of the optic nerve communicating to the brain that which it has to match up with. Flashing led lights force the brain to match its frequencies.

I utilize a tool in my clinic called Mindfit to entrain the brain to adapt to various frequencies. Thereby, making the brain more adaptable. Adaptability is a key to health. Mindfit is an excellent product for reestablishing good adaptive frequencies by auditory and ocular input. The brain matches the frequencies presented and establishes an adaptive Rhythm there by promoting improved neurological function.

The nervous systems maladaptability to stress is the cause of disease. 85%-95% of our brain activity is subconscious therefore if your system is out of balance you most probably do not realize it. By being able to measure nervous system outcomes and by implementing non invasive, non drug treatments that directly affect it, the body will right itself. It has the knowledge, it needs the opportunity.

Changing how your brain functions can lead to a life of health, it is worth the investment.



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