Are You Just Breathing?

02 Feb
From the moment we are born we gasp for that first important breath that will keep us alive for three quarters of a century or more. Ancient forms of medicine knew that poor breathing reduces our vitality and lessens our ability to ward off disease. The breath has enormous benefits for health that most people don’t take seriously or know very little about. All clients in my clinic get instructions on how to breathe. It is something we take for granted because we can, for a while. Are you a chest breather or a belly breather? Rhythmic, managed or controlled breathing allows us to control and increase carbon dioxide production, a byproduct of normal function in our bodies with essential benefits to feeling and looking younger, affecting your energy level, joints and skin.
Let’s briefly look at one aspect of how this works.
The absence of carbon dioxide creates deficiencies in bicarbonate ions. Potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium are buffers for this process. It is commonly known that carbon dioxide respiration through carbonic acid via the lungs is a dominant acid control mechanism. Bicarbonate via the kidneys is the dominant alkali control for the blood. The deficiency in carbon dioxide can adversely affect the acid/alkali balance system. This dysfunction normally happens when tissues tend towards anaerobic metabolism resulting in elevated accumulation of lactic acid and hydrogen ions. Most functional diseases (Alzheimers, heart diseases, diabetes, cancers) and the aging process is nothing more than slow acidification of the body. Controlled breathing is the easiest, cheapest and best way to help manage acidification and the disease process of the body before it starts. There are others like the right food and water, a story for another time. Please visit my website for Rhythmic Breathing Instructions you can start today.
Why do some people live longer with less disease and discomfort? This is why.
Discover Chiropractic. Learning how your body functions is key to living a generous life free from disease. Feeling and looking younger can be your goal for the coming year. This is the best way to get there. Chiropractic is a holistic naturopathic remedy for living a generous, pain free life. Don’t you deserve that? Call your Chiropractor today.
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