I have known for years that stress has a detrimental effect on health. However, what I am learning from the latest in scientific research is that it is how your nervous system responds to stress that indicates your true level of health and wellbeing.

I have invested in an instrument called the NeuroInfiniti. Measuring seven different elements of your nervous system ranging from brain waves to heart rate variability, this instrument performs a quick, painless exam called a Stress Response Evaluation. This information allows me to see how efficiently your nervous system engages to deal with stress, how quickly it recovers (if it recovers), and how well you respond to the care I provide in this office.

Though chiropractic has a proud history of providing terrific results, never before has anyone had access to the information that this instrument provides. As a result, I am now able to demonstrate for you –without depending on the presence or absence of pains and symptoms – how your nervous system is functioning in the world around you.

Symptoms are an indication of a dysregulated system. By correcting this imbalance, a healthy state can be achieved.

In my clinic, I employ a treatment protocol that reorganizes brain and nervous system function. It includes spinal adjustments to the nervous system to reset/reboot the system, health awareness (good habits; bad habits), nutritional and physical reconditioning education, biofeedback and neurofeedback.

This instrument is delivering incredible results around the world and I am excited to make it available to you. I am the only clinic in the greater Bay Area that offers this technology.

Please call me to schedule an appointment for your Stress Response Evaluation, I am here to help you. Visit my website at


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