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The Chiropractic Adjustment

For years people have gone to Chiropractors to help them with their pain and joint problems. They have quickly learned by getting an adjustment that they feel better immediately.

Research suggests that the immediate help comes from beta endorphins and enkephalins released into the system. But what causes that to happen? After a chiropractic adjustment the nervous system sends an afferent (incoming) electrical impulse from the spinal cord and point of contact to the brain.

The impulse causes  a “pattern interrupt” that reboots the nervous system. In the moment of the adjustment, the brain stops its habitual responses and starts fresh. The process is much like what your heart does when you sneeze. The reset enables the brain to create new pathways of regeneration. A host of chemicals are released, and the body feels relaxed and at ease.

The brain has the task of regulating all bodily functions.  Extreme circumstances, like stress, cause it to become exhausted. When the sympathetic nervous system is in over drive for far too long it causes the autonomic functions to become weakened. Breathing, heart rate, perspiration, temperature, digestion, all struggle when the sympathetic system has to divert too much energy for its own maintenance. Without a balance between these precisely regulated systems our body becomes diseased. The brain consumes extra resources it normally would not need at the expense of the other systems. The body breaks down and regeneration becomes hindered.

Chiropractic adjustments help the brain to create new habitual responses that replace the repetitive overdrive it has found itself in. Adjustments are the best clinical interventions for encouraging nervous system neo formation, necessary for healthy bodies. They support the processes of thinking, being, doing to become easier and more efficient.

It is said that the brain believes what you tell it. If you tell it you are sick it lives through that existence. If you tell it you are happy and well, it will believe that, too. Resetting the brain with a chiropractic adjustment and generating new patterns of existence creates useful, functional, stable ways to live a healthful life.

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